Translation of Technical Documents

Accurate and Scientifically Correct

Quality control

Technical translations are thoroughly checked for the correctness of their technical terminology and their scientific validity before delivery to avoid errors


We maintain absolute confidentiality for any technical document or technical text you share with us while you also have the option of signing a confidentiality agreement.


Supported Files

We can translate any file type, such as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, AutoCAD, InDesign, etc.


By investing in excellent customer service we have earned the trust of both major international companies as well as Greek businesses in the technical sector

Translation of technical texts

Translation of technical documents requires absolute precision, especially when they concern sectors with high demands with regard to minute details.

Offer your business the opportunity to conquer markets worldwide, starting with a sound technical translation. Undertake technical projects anywhere in the world and introduce a foreign product or service to the domestic market, ensuring its proper use and communication in Greek. ACM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki is your dedicated partner specializing in technical translations for you to translate printed documents, websites, materials for presentations and international trade fairs and much more.

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Specialized Translators and Terminology

Our associates possess the relevant scientific background, at an advanced university level, which is required to translate and faithfully render the text you submit to us while preserving the natural flow of speech.

At the same time, we have extensive experience in translating specialized technical terminology for all industry sectors in popular European languages as well as Asian and African languages (Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

The advantages provided by ACM Translations’ technical translation team include:
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightSpecialization in technical terminology
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightQuality Assurance
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightWide range of available languages
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightStaffed by certified professional translators and proofreaders
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightConsistency and fast delivery times
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightConfidentiality
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightFlexibility

Experience & Technical Expertise

At ACM Translations in Athens and Thessaloniki, you will find professionals with thousands of hours of experience translating technical documents such as:

  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightConsumer Instruction Forms
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightTechnical manuals
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightArchitectural designs
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightIndustrial plans
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightSafety Instructions
  • qxio-ios-arrow-thin-rightMechanical Guides
ACM Translations can handle very large translation projects in more than 100 language combinations while addressing specific client requirements.

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